Washington DC Spanish Steps Wedding

Kasaan and Shawn met after they created online dating accounts, but neither of them really had interest in finding love “online” in the first place. Kasaan pledged to go on one more date before deleting her account, and that’s when she was first introduced to Shawn. Their first date took place in 2014 at a restaurant in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington D.C. Three years later and this happy couple tied the knot on the Washington DC Spanish Steps  wedding. Their day began with prep at the St Gregory Hotel and reception at the Darlington House.  Check out their wedding photos which were also featured in Black Bride.

Bride & Groom Prep – St. Gregory Hotel DC
Ceremony – Washington DC Spanish Steps
Reception – Darlington House
Washington DC Spanish Steps Wedding Photographer

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OMG these pictures are so beautiful! and this couple looks so in love and happy….very well done to you!

What beautiful photos. You managed to capture so many emotions and Kasaan and Shawn are a beautiful couple. Her smile could light up the world

These photos are GORGEOUS! And their story is very similar to my story, too. So cute!

These pictures are breathtaking! You cought the emotions and I think that’s the most important one! They are such a beautiful couple.

I am always amazed how spectacular your photos are! These are possibly my favorites! The bride is gorgeous and the groom and handsome! They look so happy and you captured it perfectly!

OMG I know exactly where these were taken. I live in the DMV area and have shot a few outfits there myself. Love your pictures though. Stunning!


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Wow, these photos are so beautiful! I love how colourful their wedding is. Are those her bridesmaids in the colourful dresses around her, or friends and family?


Wow what a beautiful wedding and you’ve captured it quite wonderfully! I also love the couple’s gorgeous unique touches and details that makes it their own. Really, such a stunning and happy moment!

You did SUCH an amazing job photographing their wedding! What a beautiful couple! Some of the photos made me teary eyed because they were so beautifully captured. Keep it up!

What amazing pictures! Everyone is looking happy and love is in the air! Beautiful 🙂

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What a beautiful pictures! So simple wedding but i bet this is the happiest moment ever. And the couple looks so cute.

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There wedding was so simple, yet so beautiful. I really love the pictures, especially the one of them under the cherry blossoms. I also liked the one of Shawn adjusting his tie. I liked the black & white photos too.

Their* ?

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What an absolutely beautiful wedding, wedding part and wedding locale! Everything is so bright and colorful – so full of joy!

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Congratulations! I’m glad you’ve managed to find love online! I have been trying to tell my friends not to lose hope… and you are a perfect example! Be happy and blissful!

First of all, these photos are absolutely incredible. Their wedding is so simplistic, I just love it. It doesn’t need to be some super expensive ordeal.

Amazing photography. Love that they are not generic pictures and unique in having the couple be in different places.

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Elizabeth O

Your photos are wonderful! Congratulations! That’s really a happy celebration and moment that is needed to keep to make the relationship stronger.

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so beautiful – i love seeing so much happiness and complete joy. thank you for capturing and sharing their moments of happiness.

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You did an amazing job capturing their admiration for one another!! Online dating is a scary thing, but I surely met my best friend that way! ?

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